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16 novembre 2005


This man in the name of "MATT the ORNEY" chairman of "Xion-Omega" one of largest the start-up of the world. Married and father of a small girl "Jessica". All succeeded to him: businesses, private life. a life of dream. Until the day when it receives death threats by telephone.

Helped by his/her best friend who work with the FBI as a little special commando, an investigation is open: telephone on listening, agent in faction in front of on their premises... He it was known during the war of the golf. Both was embarked in a unit surbeds. Secret signal! MATT had decided racrocher after an intervention which had badly turned.

MATT disturbed a little by these threats, decides to go to drink glass in its preferred pub: the "CHURCHILL". After some Scotch tape, it left, and a large black peak-up was crushed on him and inserting at the same time the front of the pub. Causing 5morts et10 severely wounded persons of which MATT ORNEY.

Matt had not died, but it fell into deep a commat.
According to doctors MATT will not return. To protect that woman and that girl, SAM decides to make them change identity, to make them disappear from circulation. They accept and more Mrs. ORNEY and of JESSICA ORNEY. The company is resold, all it total.

The investigation is closed!! But why did one want of it with MATT ORNEY this sizeable man and without history?